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shotgun targets for shooting outdoor is a cheap outdoors hunting gear online store Canada.

we sell cheap paper shooting targets.the price of hunting gear is hunting gear Canada.

Quick and easy assembly, mounting hardware included.

Extension/Replacement Parts - All parts can be replaced separately, or you can use the additional parts to extend the stand.

Metal beam can be changed to a 2 x 4 or 1-1/2 x 3-1/2 by yourself.

Heavy duty steel construction with corrosion resistant powder coat finish.

A Complete Stand Is Here, Get It And Shoot With Your Targets!

great product but like every shooting target don't expect it to last long. If your good at only hitting the targets then it will last forever but if you have some in-experienced shooters or just having a fun day at the range it won't last but a couple trips. We went through probably 2k rounds and it is still standing, just with a lot of holes in the legs and in the top rail.

I use this stand at 200-300 yards with a .308 caliber rifle. I have used it 5 times now at the firing range. There are plenty of ricochet marks on the frame of the stand but no penetration at all. The stand seems to be very durable (I have others that have ricochet holes through them) and is very easy to disassemble for transport and storage. I highly recommend this stand for your steel targets.

This target stand is easy to set up even if you use your own wood beam instead of the supplied beam to hang your targets. The legs have a spring loaded quick release tab to hold the legs attached and makes disassembly quick and easy for transport. I used rubber straps instead of chains to hang my heavy steel targets off a 2x6.

it is sturdy, has room to hang a whole gang of targets.You can expand upon it later or customize it yourself. It was also bigger than expected which was nice. The legs come off and make taking it places easier. I made plenty of targets out of wood and after a while they fall apart and get bugs in them so I pulled the trigger on this and was not disappointed.

The outdoor range I shoot at requires a minimum of a 4-foot high Target this will definitely get your Target off the ground well-made, works great.

Picked this up to practice shooting with my son. We put it together in the house first to see how easy it was to setup, it only took a few minutes to piece together. Disassembly was also easy, we drove out to my friend's farm and set up the targets. We had a good day of shooting and packed up. Great portability and sturdy design.

Works great, easy to use, good price, fast shipping and a good seller!

Great product, price, and customer service.
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