TOPIC: Cheap Rifle Nylon Bore Brush For Sale Toronto
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Cheap Rifle Nylon Bore Brush For Sale Toronto tob outdoors shop sell Cheap Rifle Nylon Bore Brush,gun cleaner,gun cases,gun sling,Hunting Gear Toronto.

17-20 caliber is 5-40 threaded.

22-50 caliber is 8-32 threaded.

10-28 gauge & 410 Bore are 5/16-27 threaded.

Will fit most brands of cleaning rods.

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Fast delivery, good quality bore brush. Has a heavy duty feel to it. This is the brush to use with very aggressive solvents such as Barnes CR-10 or Sweet's 7.62. For milder solvents such as Hoppes No.9, a regular phosphore brush will be better at metal fouling removal. For me, the nylon brush is the best to use when you doing barrel break-in procedure.

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Great brushes for cleaning your bore the nylon is very stiff for excellent removal of fouling!

They're great I figure they will last longer than the bronze ones I have, great price as a add on item. glad I bought them 5 stars.

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The 25/6.5 caliber option is a perfect size for guitar input jacks! Bristles are surprisingly stiff and there's a threaded portion on the one end of the brush that you could either get some sort of handle or chuck it in a drill. The value is insane if you've ever considered getting a 1/4" burnishing tool which are upwards of $40!

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It took me a long time to find the right brush with steel fittings. Ones with brass fittings - that brass will be eaten alive by copper dissolver. But keep in mind: you don't want this steel fitting to touch the metal on the inside of your barrel; if it did, you'd scratch your barrel. Use accordingly.

Must have in conjunction with Bore Tech Eliminator, use the two to quickly remove copper fouling. Bore Tech makes these brushes too, but I couldn't find them priced as well as the Tipton brushes; these work well.

Works great... I like using these nylon over brass, bronze as you don't get any false positives when using sweets 7.62 or like cleaning agents... you can easily pull or push the brush through ensuring even coating and don't have to work about any false positives..

Big fan of these nylon brushes. You can bring the brush back the the barrel (change directions) half way through without damaging the barrel unlike the traditional brushes. Great product.

I use these to clean quarter inch audio jacks. These are great to scrub out dirty or partly corroded audio jacks. Spray these with some DeOxit and scrub in an out and it cleans the jacks with no damage.

Great, I use this for my FN five seven because I couldn't find a cleaning kit for my pistol and the only one I could find on the market was like a $50 kit which has a bunch of crap in it which I don't need so these work just fine.
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